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Our Mission & Vision

  • Develop automation software for Petrochemical and Refinery, Industry Gas, Environmental,
    and Medical laboratories.
  • Provides solutions to fit a specific requirement for any size business.
  • Seeking for long-term product development and service.
  • Expand into the international Market!

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Our Products

DAQ/Automation Software



The System

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Customized GCxGC Columns

The System


Data acquisition for virtually any analytical instruments used in environmental, industrial and specialty gases, petrochemical, refinery, and medical laboratories. Allows sample selection automatically even when one is in the lab with automatic varying valve and stream manipulation controlled by our patent pending software!
The ideal system for every task! Software + PC touch-screen and ready to mount! Our automation systems filled with quality control and excellence.
GCxGC chromatography applies multiple GC columns (nonpolar and polar, and uncoated columns) connected in series. Effluent from the first column is trapped in the modulator for very short time before being focused and injected into the second column. The repetitive trapping and injection cycles allow the GCxGC system to generate two-dimensional chromatograms using specialized software.




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